Why do Europe & the UK use paving for 90% of their driveways, patios and car parks? Here’s why:

  • Top quality products available (with the correct thickness, durability, and warranties)
  • Approved installers do the work (this ensures a timeless result)
  • Proper grouts are used (which prevent weeds and ants)
  • Proper sealers are used (which prevents staining, fading and maintenance)
  • A timeless, top quality look is achieved (thanks to all the above factors)
So how can Premier pavers help you? Here’s how:

✓ Say goodbye to cracking, fading, staining, blotchiness, weeds, ants and maintenance

A timeless, top quality look is guaranteed – just like European & UK paving

The Premier system includes proper sweep in grouts and sealers to prevent weeds, ants, fading, staining and maintenance

We recommend only Premier approved installers who use the complete Premier system (base course, paver, grout & sealer)

We use only European and UK technologies and methods to produce and install our pavers