1. Can you send me samples of pavers?

Yes! Click here to find out about FREE paving samples. Alternatively you can purchase a box of sample pavers – the 6 colours plus extra samples of 3 of those colours with a Premier gloss sealer applied. You can also request a colour chart of the extra colours available.

2. What colour pavers are available?

While there are six main colours for paving, you can request a colour chart to see further colours. We can manufacture most colours so if you have a special request contact Premier direct.

3. What is the approved installer network?

Premier Group has a nationwide network of approved installers – tradesmen and landscapers – who are certified to install our paving and landscaping products. Some approved installers are profiled on the website in the paving and landscaping case studies section or you can contact us to find out who are the approved installers in your region. For most regions, we can supply up to 3 approved installers so you can arrange for a quote and choose your preferred option.

4. What kind of guarantees does Premier Group offer?

Premier Group offer 5, 10 and 20 year guarantees on most of our products. We stand behind the quality of our products and always welcome feedback and questions.

5. Where can I see the product range in my area?

Premier pavers and products are available to view at Mitre 10 Megas nationwide. Most Mitre 10 Megas will have a large display in the garden area. You are welcome to ring us while you are viewing the products to ask any questions and we’re happy to recommend products based on your requirements. Click here to find your local region’s stores Premier pavers and products are also available through most Mitre 10s, ITMs, Carters & Placemakers stores (however they may not hold display stock).

6. What is the difference between Wetcast and Drycast Paving?

Wetcast: A dense surface – almost non porous/ Generally more suited to larger sizes e.g. 600 x 600 & 450 x 450 pavers/ Better result if laid using spot mortar method or full bed mortar/ Less maintenance due to less porosity – more resistant to moss and algae/ Wide range of textures, sizes and colours available/ Top quality look for patios, pools etc.


Drycast: A more open surface – quite porous/ More suited to smaller sizes e.g. 230 x 190 & 200 x100/ Faster to lay because you can lay direct onto sand or GAP 7 base/ Higher maintenance due to porosity/ One texture available and limited sizes and colours/ Top quality look for driveways.











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