1. Inspiration
For inspiration and ideas – check out the PREMIER website, then look at garden books and magazines and circle the ideas or photos that you like.

2. Style!
Choose your style or landscape e.g: formal with straight lines or informal with curving lines. Do you
prefer a NZ native look? English formal look? Tropical look? – use your books and magazines for ideas.

3. Essential features!
Driveway, patio, paths, clothesline. When designing, consider things like: views, shade, access,
sunshine, wind, slopes, drainage, security and privacy.

4. Extra features!
CONSIDER THINGS LIKE: vegetable garden, fruit trees, irrigation, garden lighting, BBQ area, pool,
garden shed, compost bins, childrens playground, pets, raised planters, walls, pergolas, outdoor fire,
water features, etc.

5. Site plan!
Using a pencil on grid paper (a child’s Maths exercise book is great) carefully draw a site plan of your property showing all existing features that you want to keep e.g. house, garage, trees, etc. Use a scale of 1:100 e.g. each square on the grid = 1m2.

6. Identify!
IDENTIFY AND MARK THESE 6 AREAS ON YOUR PLAN: 1. Entranceway 2. Driveway 3. Parking 4. Patio
5. Service area (clothesline/bins) 6. Lawn areas.

7. Design!
This may take a while and you won’t get it right first time – so please be patient! Make sure you have
an eraser handy! Design in the essential features first e.g: 1. Driveway 2. Patio and Paths 3. Walls
and fences 4. Clothesline area – and then design in your gardens, trees and lawn areas. Lastly add in
any extra features you want.



8. Action list!
From your plan – create an installation action list in order of priority. In order to successfully complete
your project – you must install all hardscape (pavers etc) products first and softscape (gardens etc)
last. This is because the hard scape products provide the “skeleton” of your landscape and the
softscape provides the “flesh”.

9. Install!
This is the really exciting part! Buy your Premier products through your local DIY store, or call us on 0800 22 22 98 if you would like us to refer a local approved Premier products installer in your area to discuss your plans further.

10. Enjoy!
Relax and enjoy your beautiful landscape.