1. Prepare your base course using Premier Base course. This is available in 1 tonne, 500kg and 20kg bags.

2. Set your desired finished paver height with stringlines.

3. Lay out your circle, lay it dry to ensure it will all fit correctly when installed.

4. Sort all pieces into correct piles/stacks ready for laying.

5. Mix up 5 parts builders mix to 1 part Premier Portland/Grey cement, to toothpaste consistency.

6. Lay your concrete mix onto ground starting from middle of circle. Allow for approx 30-40mm of concrete once you have tapped the pavers down.

7. Start to lay the paver pieces, tapping them in with a rubber mallet.

8. Check levels as you go with spirit level and adjust pavers as required.

9. Sponge off pavers as you go to prevent staining.

10. Sponge back of each paver as you go and before you lay it with mixture of water, cement and Premier Concrete Glue.

11. Check measurements as you go with tape measure to ensure you stay on track.

12. Use a trowel to clean between pavers as you go to ensure adequate joint depth for grouting.

13. Do not stand on pavers for 48 hours after laying.

14. To cut pavers, mark with a pencil and cut carefully and slowly on a paving drop saw. You can hire a saw from you local hire shop.