Case Study 2 – Project Managers – The OuterLife Group

A Palmerston North paving project featuring Premier Italia Paving


“Our client needed a new outdoor environment that provided an extension of their house living area into something appealing and very user friendly. Once the concept design was put together, we took some paving options/samples to them and it was perfectly clear that Premier was the optimum selection for this project – not only on brilliant colour and texture selections, but also exceptionally economical pricing in relation to the phenomenal quality.

The actual physical sample box that we were able to take to the client (something very few other suppliers are keen to provide us) made the process so much easier which tends to make us, the contractor, look a lot more appealing to our clients.

During the laying process (which we do almost predominantly on mortar) the Premier pavers were a breeze to work with. We have experienced problems before with moulded pavers in that they can have deviances in depth/width from one side to the other on each paver; this, however, has never been a problem with the Premier range. Their tolerances are exceptionally tight and a pleasure to lay.







“In addition, one pleasant surprise – which we didn’t even know about until this particular project – is that they seem to have almost completely solved the problem of efflorescence! We don’t know how they have managed this amazing accomplishment, but we are just glad that someone has finally solved it!

After all the positive experiences we have had with the Premier Pavers group, OuterLife has no issues whatsoever in highly recommending them. On top of an excellent, economical product, they also present with top notch service and go out of their way to ensure that your expectations are both met and surpassed.”