Case Study – Pure Landscapes


Trade qualified and with 15 years industry experience, Pure Landscapes provides all aspects of landscaping, from the inital design through to soft and hard landscapes including paving, retaining walls and turf. Because Pure Landscapes is personally owned and operated you are guaranteed the best landscape knowledge and quality workmanship.

At Pure Landscapes we work closely with you to achieve the best landscaping for you and your budget. Visit our website for a list of our full services and how we can help you to achieve the landscaping you desire.

“The quality of Premier pavers is the best that I have come across. They certainly make my job of laying pavers easier due to how well they are constructed, and the service Premier provides is outstanding!”
Chris Neno, Director of Pure Landscapes, 2013

Pure Landscapes, PO Box 10336, Bayfair, Tauranga
phone: 027 404 4066 / 07 542 3638
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