Deliver happiness! Create Raving Fans! Beautify Our World! 

This is our reason for being! It is our higher purpose! Our mission is what gets us out of bed every morning! Indisputable research shows that the only way to experience lasting happiness is to be connected to a higher purpose, to be part of something bigger than yourself, to be part of something that can achieve far more than you could ever achieve alone!


 Here is some awesome interpretations from some of our happy team members. This is what it means to them: 

  • “Deliver Happiness, Create Raving Fans & Beautify Our World” I totally love this saying.  What a fantastic few words to describe what Premier Group stands for. I feel humble and proud to be part of a growing global company.  Very exciting things ahead.  As Premier grows I feel that I am growing and learning each day.

  • The most important thing to me is family and I find that here in this yard we are 1 big family working hard to deliver happiness to others and ourselves, with the shed of blood sweat and sometimes tears, lol, we work together to get it done. Always looking for bigger and better ways to improve not only in business but in life also, as part of our mission and vision to give more to people in need I’m all for it and will contribute as much as I can to do so.

  • Our culture of “Deliver Happiness, Create Raving Fans and Beautify our world” is Fantastic, it gives me the opportunity to give something back to our customers, my fellow staff and our suppliers. It is simple and very achievable, a smile, a follow up thank you once a job has been completed, lending a helping hand, returning every customers/suppliers call, going the extra mile for anyone, treat people how I would like to be treated, having a firm belief that I am beautifying our world by supplying quality bricks in New Subdivisions to improve the aesthetics, providing beautiful patio’s for our customers to enjoy quality family and social time, are all small things that I can practise daily to Ensure I’m easy to get along with and can be trusted and relied upon.

  • It’s about genuinely caring for your customer and going the extra mile to please him not just because just you want the individual sales he can offer you but you can form a close link with him thru your industry knowledge, personal attention to follow up to ensure his projects are going smoothly. We strive to make doing business with each other as easy as possible based on a relationship of trust and respect. It’s about doing our bit to help give others in society a chance to make a difference to their own lives by donating to worthy charity’s helping those less privileged.

  • WOW EVERYONE, not just our customers but for all team members, suppliers! WOW our teams!! Employing staff who LOVE to delight others! Turning a problem into a WOW experience!

  • It is really cool that one of our main PREMIER missions is to deliver happiness, not only at work, as well as in life. We show gratitude to all of our customers. We have a great attitude in that we are helping to beautify our world.

  • I like the way the premier team is gelled together all working on one mission to “deliver happiness, create raving fans and beautify our world”. This is the passion that as a team we can make a difference.

  • Premier Core values and the Premier Culture is what defines who we are in the business world, it’s what sets out what we do and how we do it and the reasons we do it. It sets out a path for the future that we can always fall back on and always use to contribute to what we do. We must always stand by our culture and make it become part of us, defining us and how we interact with others and most of all how we interact with our customers. Our customers are the sole reason for being here and coming to work each day as they help the world go round. We believe in everything positive; starting with delivering the best possible service to customers, followed on by driving constant change, being open-minded and creating a little fun, building a team and family spirit while maintaining optimum communication and always trying to do more with less. We are passionate about all these values and also strive to always maintain personal honesty, respect, self-awareness, hygiene, etc., which all go without

  • That is the best way I can describe the Premier culture, IT’S LIKE FAMILY. Just like a family your opinions, views and values are listened to and appreciated. Just like a family you are encouraged to be the best you can be.  I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!!!

  • The core values and premier culture makes the work place a lot more enjoyable and really helps to find the right people who share your same passion for the company. Premier is a great company which cares about its staff and really makes you feel happy about being involved in and part of a company that is going places!