Case Study – Mainly Paving


Mainly Paving has used Cobble Company (now part of the Premier Group) products now for many years. The size and colour range gives the customer a good choice with a combination of sizes that can be laid together. I have laid paving made by all of the companies in Tauranga. I think that the Premier product range will give a wider choice to the customer, to further enhance their outside living area.

Mainly Paving is owned by Glen Brown who has lived and worked in Tauranga now for almost 13 years. Glen says Mainly Paving specialises in laying pathways, patios, driveways, poolside paving, and car, boat and spa pool standing areas. Mainly Paving can also lift and re-lay paving that has sunk or started to move, and replace paving removed by drainlayers, plus build brick letterboxs and small raised gardens.

Mainly Paving received a 10/10 on T.V.3’s Target programme!

“If the customer is happy then I am happy.”
Glen Brown