Testimonial from a supplier…

 Hello team Premier 

I have mentioned this in passing to people at the office – but I would really like to point out that the visit I made to Premier Group has been without doubt the most enjoyable of visits I have ever made to a client site in all my career, including businesses in Australia & New Zealand. I don’t say this lightly – I have had many wonderful experiences with clients – and I have clients in the wine industry as well, who have their own unique advantages!  Premier beat them all.

The team you have there is exceptional.  The inclusive and friendly culture made me feel like I was the (very big and important) client visiting my supplier, not the other way around.  Every individual that I interacted with was, without exception amazing to deal with.  I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, but I am going to try my utmost to emulate it because I feel any business that emulates what you have there can’t help but be successful.


Mad Mike (My nickname from Premier) – Supplier of Premier Group International